Youth empowerment and grassroots initiatives

Latin America Staff


Melina Gioconda Davis Morán, Latin America Program Co-Director

Melina is a sex educator and performer based in Mexico City. She has a background in social policy research, arts programming, and community organizing. Her degree is in political science from Columbia University.


David Aristizábal Urrea, Latin America Program Co-Director

David is a queer activist and a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at the University of Illinois. His research focuses on state power, activism, and violence  in Latin America. He has led activist trainings for youth across the Americas.


United States Staff


Lily Leikam, Haven of Hope Program Coordinator

Lily is an occupational therapist. For ten years, she led Honey’s Foundation’s program at the Monterey County Probation Department. Currently, she manages Haven of Hope’s programming at two residential centers for adolescent girls in California.


John Philips, p:ear Program Coordinator

John graduated from The University of Tennessee with a degree in psychology and economics. He has worked with at-risk populations including homeless and gang-affiliated youth. In 2016, he joined p:ear, where he currently serves as Program Coordinator.


Nate Engkjer, p:ear Outdoor Education Coordinator

Nate is an outdoor educator passionate about environmental justice. He mentors youth through activities including hiking, cycling, and climbing, and is the founder of p:ear’s bicycle mechanics school.


Board Members


Nancy “Honey” Russell

Nancy, known more commonly by her nickname, Honey, is the inspiration for Honey's Foundation. Throughout her life, she has led diverse philanthropic initiatives that promote social justice and youth empowerment.


Gaye Russell-Bruce, Founder and CEO

Gaye is passionate about amplifying youth voices by teaching communication skills, personal agency and leadership. She is especially interested in programs that support intergenerational communication as a way to foster collaboration, civic participation, and empathy between youth and adults.


Donald Bruce, Chief Financial Officer

Donald graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and received an MBA from Boston University. He is the founder of the software company Virtual Health Networks and a lead creator of the Healing Collaborative, which bridges traditional internal medicine with alternative healing.


Laura Oswald, Board Secretary and Executive Director for California

Laura has a wealth of experience working with grassroots organizations. At Women In Action Tanzania, she led the development of the donations and educational sponsorship program. Most recently, she has developed physical education and health programming for youth in the Bay Area, California.


Justin Keightley Oswald, Executive Director for Latin America and The Pacific Northwest

Justin is a life-long supporter of youth enrichment programs with an emphasis on arts and performance. His work has been instrumental to the development of p:ear, an organization for homeless youth, and Whoop De Doo, a theater and empowerment camp. Justin has facilitated Honey’s growth in Latin America.